Rotary Screw compressors by AiRViNi

Oil injection rotary screw compressors, with belt transmission and power values from 7.5 to 90 kW  Italy

Rotary Screw compressors

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screw end

AirVini air-ends feature.

♦ AirVini air-ends feature one of the most advanced rotor profile design available. The manufacturing process is fully integrated, thanks to ultra modern machine tools and sophisticated operating instrumentation that provide the highest quality standard.

♦ A solid modeling CAD system ensures the ideal components arrangement.

♦ The production process of the rotors goes through 4 different machining steps that make it possible to achieve superior machining accuracy and consistent performance. This level of precision means any male rotor can be perfectly matched with any female counterpart.

♦ All air-ends are individually tested two times: after their manufacture and a further time following assembly on the completed compressor.

Screw compressor

rotary screw compressors 75kw37kw

Screw compressor

15 kw Screw Air Compressor With Dryer

Screw compressor

Rotary screw air compressor 22kw

Screw compressor

screw compressors 75kw

ETIV electronic controllers

control panel

Advanced controllers

Controller with multi-function backlight LCD graphic display, the menu is drop down type. In the main screen are displayed:

– Working pressure (offload/load pressure);
– Oil temperature;
– Compressor status (stand-by, offload, load);
– Fan status (off/on);
– Date and time;
– Hours remaining before maintenance;
– Inverter use percentage.

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