Air Receiver Tank

Air receiver Tank Manufacturer We deliver air tank for all applications and supply special components designed according to costumer specification.

Namerah air compressor tank is durable and its appearance is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate cover. There are two types: vertical air compressor tank and horizontal air compressor tank.

air receiver tank

Benefits of Air Tanks

  • Air receiver tanks save you the hassle of turning on the compressor system when air is needed only for a few seconds. This decreases the costs of compressor usage. Electrical usage and maintenance costs are also reduced.
  • The tank is used to store air. This stored air can then be used when there is an increase in usage.
  • It is used to equalize the pressure variation using the start/stop switch. The sequence of the compressor can also be modulated.
  • Condensation is removed from stored air. This adds an extra level of moisture removal to the air system. The moisture trap has a drain attached. This helps in removing water from the air system.