Piston air compressors

Belt driven air compressors with tank capacity ranging from 50 to 1000 litres, and working pressure up to 11 BAR.

Belt driven compressors for professional and industrial use.


Our Production line

There are few technical applications for metal surfaces that can offer the variety of uses that shot blasting technology can offer.

In Namerah we use the best solutions in production lines with shot sandblast and powder coating to receive a high quality of final products…

Piston air compressors ranges

Our piston air compressors ranges from 1.5 kW belt driven to large industrial. Explore our complete range of piston air compressors

1000 Lit 10HP x2  Double

1000 Lit 10HP x2  Double

Air compressor 1000 Lit 10HPx2

1000 Lit 7.5HP x2  Double

1000 Lit 7.5HP x2  Double

air compressor 1000 lit 7.5HP double

1000 Lit  10HP

air compressors 1000 Lit 10HP

500 Lit  10HP

air compressor 500 lit 10HP

500 Lit  10HP  cast iron

500 Lit  7.5HP

7.5HP Air Compressor 500 Lit

500 Lit  7.5HP cast iron

500 Lit  5.5HP

air compressor 500 lit

500 Lit  5.5HP cast iron

300 Lit 4HP

air compressor 300 lit

300 Lit 3HP

200 Lit 3HP

150 Lit 3HP

100 Lit 2HP

50 Lit 2HP

Powerhouse 2HP Air compressor 50 Lit

Piston compressors solution?

Catalogue of Piston air compressors

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