Rotary screw air compressor 20HP

20HP Screw Air Compressor

Model: AirVini-20
air delivery (m3/h): 111
cfm: 65.3
l/s: 30.83
l/m: 1850
bar: 10
psig: 145
Power(kW/HP): 15/20 HP
Volt: 380v
Cooling method: Air cooling
Drive method: Belt drive
Noise dB(A): 70
Weight kg: 235

Best choice for industrial Rotary 20HP screw compressors

Oil injection rotary screw compressors, with belt transmission and power values from 7.5 to 90 kW Italy

AirVini air-ends feature one of the most advanced rotor profile design available.
The manufacturing process is fully integrated, thanks to ultra modern machine tools and sophisticated operating instrumentation that provide the highest quality standard.